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CodeIgniter Development Services

Business applications that are based on MVC (Model View Controller) paradigm provide you with the unique opportunity of accomplishing tasks at a faster pace. PHP Development Outsourcing (PDO) is a highly acclaimed application development company that concentrates on the cost-effective features of open source coding with the implementation of Codeigniter, an effective PHP framework.

PHP Development Outsourcing is a comprehensive source for the processing of applications in order to get the most out of the business functionalities. We represent the below mentioned features of Codeigniter in each and every application that is developed by us.

  • Complete access to the data through database classes
  • Record database assistance in a direct manner
  • Data validation process in a unique way
  • XSS filtering structure for efficiency

The process of carrying out business transactions with maximum security ensured is always important. Session management is a significant aspect, in this regard, upon which we concentrate through the features of Codeigniter.

We strive towards your organizational excellence with Codeigniter:
  • Maximum support for various attachments
  • Dynamic editing with HTML/Text email features
  • Valuable service through multiple protocols like SMTP
  • Image services such as cropping, rotating sketching and resizing

Apart from the above features, PHP Development Outsourcing (PDO) offers you with the choice of dynamic management of data as per the requirement.

PHP Codeigniter Application Development with us

At PDO, our concentration is more on application development and customization. You will be able to deploy our applications by reducing costs to a maximum extent. We have got Codeigniter experts who are capable of providing Localization and Data Encryption features as well.

Choose our Codeigniter PHP Framework

PHP Development Outsourcing supports your business with the provision of suitable applications that best match your requirements.

For any of these CodeIgniter development requirements, please Contact us and get an immediate response.